Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff thinks Ferrari could soon face a conflict between racers Sebastian Vettl and Charles Leclerc, much like Mercedes happened in the year

with Nic Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

A minor conflict between the Ferrari racing duo had already taken place in Monza, when Charles Leclerc refused to offer a leeway to Sebastian Vettel in qualifying, and young Monacan was also strongly dissatisfied with Singapore's Ferrari strategy, which put his teammate in a better position.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff thinks things could escalate in the future for Ferrari, especially because Ferrari started winning races.

Wolff said of the official F1 page:

The competition of two “alpha” racers can always escalate into potential rivalry and conflict. We were already in a similar situation with Hamilton and Rosberg, and apparently the first signs of a rivalry between Vettel and Leclerc had also emerged with Ferrari. Our experience has cemented us and we now have a clear philosophy. On the other hand, it is positive for us if Vettel and Leclerc “steal” points between themselves. ”

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