(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel has beaten back with his victory in Singapore . The German was able to emerge from his low and cheered last Sunday on the fallen load on his shoulders. “I never felt like number two,” he says at the start of the weekend in Russia

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc


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“It makes no sense , via Number 1 or

Number 2 , “says the German. Many experts did that before his liberation. From Nico Rosberg to Ralf Schumacher – many ex-racers have warned the Germans about Charles Leclerc. Of the 21 – One year old would run out of rank with the four-time world champion after his two victories at the Scuderia.

But it turned out differently. Leclerc suffered a damper last weekend, Vettel, however, the much needed sense of achievement. “Every time I get in the car, I try to do the best possible job, sometimes it gets really good, sometimes not so good, if it's not good enough, then I work on myself and try to understand what I do better “, explains the Heppenheimer.

This had previously praised Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto. After the setback in Monza – internal friction in qualifying, spin in the race – he tried to look ahead and focus on Singapore. He had not thought about the shame. Of course, I was happier with my work in Singapore than with the one in Monza. “

How much pressure has actually fallen from his shoulders? “Of course the result was good and the race was good, but I have not been there for a short time,” he avoids a bit. Beautiful or (*********************************************************************************************************) He learned from Formula One years.

“It was not the first time that it might have gone better after it had not gone so well before but it clearly works well when you're back up. ” The fifth victory in Singapore, which (**************************************************************************************************). Triumph altogether, he made the Heppenheimer smile again.


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“In general, this was a very good weekend, I was not completely satisfied with the Saturday, because of my side even more would have been possible, but I am happy with the rest “, he draws a final resume. After the victory celebrations, he was so tired that he went to sleep right away.

No extravagant party after the race, and also no excessive cheers at the pit radio after the finish line. This astonished the one or the other observer. “I forgot to press the button!”, Vettel reveals the secret.

Even before the weekend he was asked if he would sing a song again, he should actually win. “I thought about it, but then I did not remember a song, so I forgot to press it.”

After letters: “Formula 1 is not everything in life” 2020

how to celebrate a Formula One victory During this period he received countless Know Singapore. That touched him deeply.

And it can be the To write lines. “I've been around for a long time, but I still find it sometimes difficult to imagine that there are people pursuing you, yes, I'm also a fan of certain things, but yes …” he muses.

He does not take it so naturally, in the past few weeks he has felt this encouragement all the more. “That did a lot of good, because it puts a lot into relation when people talk about their own experiences, their own lives, and of course, this is very important to me, but that's not all in life “, he philosophizes



Vettel's recovery in Singapore has not only a mental aspect, but also a technical one. The German felt in SF (*******************************************************************************) again. Not only in the rear had the balance tuned. The team has managed to get more downforce on the car for the city circuit.

“That had a positive effect on the driving behavior, but of course on how to handle the tires deal. ” The blatant weaknesses in slow corners that had struck in Hungary were no longer obvious.

“There were not many corners in which we lost,” rejoices he himself. That finally put him in a position to fight for victory on Sunday. But in the race trim Mercedes was “a little faster”. This shows him that the problems are not completely eliminated. “That's not the case, it's wishful thinking, but that's not the fact.”

Problems still not solved “Previously, we tried a lot, but lost ourselves in it.” It was not until the beginning of the second half of the season that Ferrari got the turn, even the races outside Singapore were not “terrible”.

“In general, we understood which way to go Firstly, we were able to react with the set-up and secondly, the package in Singapore was good, we had more downforce and more grip. ” After all, the team also brought a new to the racetrack.

Photos: Grand Prix of Russia

“This allowed us to be a little bit freer and manage the limiting axis – in some races it was the front, in others the rear – and we hope the improvements will give us even more freedom in order to elaborate these problem zones in the set-up. “

But it is untrue that he only struggles with the front or the rear this season. “When you adjust the balance, in some corners, the front is weaker, in others the rear, so we have to find more grip on the car overall to play more freely with the tuning.” Only then will you be able to adjust the Ferrari to Vettel's needs and to any specific route.

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