Sebastian Vettel understands the words of Charles Leclerc's anger and frustration that his teammate uttered on the radio during the GP race.

Charles Leclerc was visibly dissatisfied with Ferrari's decision to stop as Sebastian Vettl's first pick despite being on the track during the race for the Singapore GP. Leclerc, who repeatedly complained over the radio during the race over Ferrari's strategy, stated after the race that Ferrari had not acted fairly, as he believed he should have gained the first stop as a leading racer himself.

Vettel fully understands the anger of his team-mate and reveals that he would probably act exactly the same in his position.

“I don't think radio talk should be taken too seriously, since there is a lot of emotion present. It is quite understandable that Charles wanted to win and, as a result, was angry when he found himself behind. I would also be upset if this happened to me, but in motorsport, things like that are happening. Charles wants to beat me and him, but there is only one place on the highest podium. “

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