(Motorsport-Total.com) – Will Ferrari create the next surprise in Russia? The Reds could start in the Mercedes – parade distance for the fourth victory in series. Especially Charles Leclerc was very satisfied with the race pace on Friday afternoon in Sochi. Sebastian Vettel quarrels a bit with the rhythm. In the overall ranking the two rank on the ranks two ( 0, 335 seconds) and five ( 1, 90) one.

Charles Leclerc


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Lewis Hamilton, who won three times in Russia in five years, has already given the role of favorite to Ferrari. “Yes, he can do it, I hope he keeps his point”, says Vettel with a smile after the second practice session. His afternoon was a little “torn”, he reports.

The four-time world champion has “not really” found in the rhythm. “The one shot with the new tires was not good, did not work, but tomorrow if the rhythm is better, then it should come back, so I'm not worried.”

built in his quick attempt an error, which is why his residue grew to over a second. “You explore the limits, then sometimes you try to slow down a bit later and sometimes it's just too late,” he laughs

You should not overestimate the performance , after all, he used the training to do SF (***************************************************************************************) to experiment. “It was not always easy to hit the corner, but as I said, it's important to try something on Friday.”

What exactly that was the Heppenheimer but not betrayed. Teammate Leclerc puts some light into the darkness: “It's pretty tricky, [das Auto richtig abzustimmen], because the track in the first two sectors is quite fast, in the third sector, however, very slow,” he describes the difficulty.

(******************************************************************) Grand Prix of Russia – Friday

(***********************************************) Especially the rear tires are therefore no longer in the best condition in the last sector. “So there is a big difference in the balance from the first to the last sector, because you have to find the right compromise for the best lap time, and we tested that in both directions today.”

While Leclerc has found his way, the German remains a “strange” feeling. “That was a bit weird, I'm not quite sure why, but we still have a little bit of time, sometimes even after an hour or two the dissolution comes to mind.”

Seven-tenths of a second away from the Singapore winner in qualifying on Leclerc, although the Monegasse was not entirely satisfied with the balance in the fast runs. In the last eight races since Vettel's last pole position in Canada, the (******************************************************************) – Yearlings each faster in qualifying.

Leclerc to Pole Series: ” Not unbeatable “

” I do not think we were so far away, “defends the German. “The picture is a bit deceptive.” Leclerc, on the other hand, is by no means in the advantage of one round: “I do not feel unbeatable, I'll probably be beaten on the day this happens”

The two-time winner of the season knows: “In this sport you must never feel unbeatable, everyone wants to beat you, I focus on myself. I've had a good run in the last three races, but that does not mean that will also be this weekend. “

Will the Monegassen in Russia manage the fourth pole position in a row? His key to success: “I try to work as much as possible on my driving style in the trainings. I have my

approach changed a little since eight races, that seems to be going better since then. “

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He is satisfied with his performance on Friday. He particularly emphasizes: “The racing space looked very strong.” Nachsatz: “We were strong in the race trim, which I believe was the strongest long run in a second practice since the start of the season, which is positive.”

Ferrari was able to do so in the race simulation with the Competing with Red Bull and Mercedes. Leclerc turned towards the end of the second training a longrun on the tire compounds Medium and Soft, as well as Max Verstappen. The Dutchman was on average three tenths of a second faster on the yellow tire.

However, Leclerc drove five more laps. On the soft tire in the second stint, the Ferrari was just over a tenth of a second ahead. Teammate Vettel drove a long run on Soft and then Medium, as did Lewis Hamilton. The German was about three tenths faster on the softer tire.

“Red Bull looked very strong” “Red Bull seems to be quite strong, so it will be difficult and a close fight – even though she (*************************************************************) *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** can improve our balance, make the car better. ” In the official Friday analysis of Liberty Media, the Bulls appear at the top of the qualifying pace.

Ferrari's gap to the Austrians is estimated at 0.1 seconds on average, Mercedes' with half a second on a fast lap. Most of the time, the reds can still catch up on the straights (0.4 seconds), followed by the slow corners. Most lose in the medium-fast passages (0.2 seconds).

Sebastian Vettel


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“I do not think we had the fastest car today,” says Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto, adding, “We were certainly competitive, that's us It was important to confirm that in Singapore. “

Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies emphasizes:” When you get new parts The car brings, you always hopes that they work the best possible And yes, we were a little surprised that we close the gap so much Here we'll see if it works everywhere, or if much more work is needed. “

In Russia, Ferrari is hoping for answers as to whether or not the Singapore-Pace will be one One-day fly was or if you can show this performance in the rest of the season. Binotto has also noticed how good the SF (****************************************************************************************) in the race trim is: “We were fast and competitive with a lot of fuel, in general we are therefore happy today.”

Rain or dry quality? “Both good for us”

A question mark is behind the conditions on the qualifying day. Some Weather forecasts are based on rain showers. That makes Leclerc happy: “The last time we rode in the rain we drove fast in Germany, both conditions are good for us.”

Also Vettel is not worried. Because even though it could get wet on Saturday and dry again on Sunday, it does not have much of an effect on the tuning of the car: “This classic rain set-up is not there any more, so you try to tune the car so that it fits . “

Nachsatz:” If it fits in the dry, then it usually fits in the wet. “All in all, I know that the car is good, we just have to And tomorrow it does not matter if it's dry or wet here. “

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Not only sun or raindrops will decide on Saturday, also the slipstream could become an issue again. Most recently in Italy, the “pulling” among the Ferrari team-mates was not as desired.

“The slipstream is quite important here in Russia, so we have to prepare for qualifying, even when it gets wet, so we have to take into account the slipstream, “emphasizes Binotto. It will be interesting to see if Leclerc will return the favor of Vettel in time …

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