(Motorsport-Total.com) – Is Formula 1 experiencing a rainy weekend in Russia? Was expected on Thursday from a “not insignificant” rain probability, stand Friday night, a wet qualifying on Saturday in Sochi can be expected. The percentages have risen again in the latest forecasts .

Regen in Russland


Does it really get wet in Sochi 2019 on all three days? Zoom Download

On Saturday, the probability of precipitation is from midnight to 10 Clock at exactly one hundred percent. The third free practice session ( local time) should therefore definitely be wet. For the qualifying later at (*************************************************************************************) percent rain out. Temperatures drop to around 15: (*****************************************************************) Clock Local time also starts in uncertain conditions. The rain probability for this time is currently estimated to be 93 percent very high. The wind could also refresh: wind gusts up to 30 km / h are predicted. Temperatures will settle below (**********************************************************************************.)

According to the drivers, the warm climate in Singapore is imminent. Should it actually rain on Sunday, then the second wet Grand Prix after the rain fight in Germany can be expected. Even at the Hockenheimring, the cool water caused many surprises …

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