Formula 2 racer Juan Manuel Correa, who crashed into the tragically deceased Anthoin Hubert in the race at Spa Francorchamps, will end on Sunday 10 Hourly surgery, the results of which will decide whether the young racer will have to amputate his right leg.

Correo, who suffered multiple bone fractures in both legs and a minor spine fracture, was transported to the UK several days after the accident, where he was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome. It is a life-threatening condition that prevents enough oxygen from flowing into the blood, and the young racer recovers for a long time in an artificial coma. Correa also suffered from acute respiratory failure, or the inability of the respiratory system to provide one or both of the gas exchange functions.

Correa has recovered sufficiently to make his medical condition demanding 10. an hourly surgery to help surgeons save his right leg.

In these difficult moments, his family, who opposed the amputation, is grateful for the support that comes from all over the world every day.

Video: Analysis and Animation of a Fatal Formula 2 Race

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