In the opening rounds of the race in Russia, there was a real drama on the radio, as Sebastian Vettel did not want to let Charles Leclerc take the lead. After the race, both runners confirmed that it was a team deal, but Leclerc and Vettel understood it a little differently.

Sebastian Vettel overtook Charles Leclerc with a great start in the first corner and took the lead in the race, a lap later calling on the German Ferrari to respect the team agreement and return to Leclerc the position he had gained thanks to the leeway .

Despite repeated calls, the German did not want to do this, and after the race, both Ferrari racers described the team arrangement a bit differently.

After the race, Leclerc said:

“We agreed to offer him some leeway because we wanted to overtake Hamilton. The team revealed that our start was the equivalent, and Sebastian was in a better position because of the leeway. I thought our agreement was quite clear, but now we have to see what actually happened. “

However, Sebastian Vettel obviously understood Ferrari's strategy a little differently:

“I don't know what happened. We had an agreement before the race, and we also talked to Charles about our strategy. Maybe I didn't understand something myself. “

How Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders

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