The Mercedes team would start the race for the GP of Russia from the best starting position if the Silver Arrows team qualified in the qualifications the same time as last year.

Mercedes has won all five Sochi races so far this season, and this year it was the team of current World Champions among all F1 teams that made the most of the fall, with Lewis Hamilton in the third qualifying round 0, 618 seconds slower than last year's Valtteri Bottas pole position. Along with Mercedes last year, it failed to improve the Alfa Romeo, Racing Point and Haas teams.

Despite winning qualifying, Charles Leclerc was slower than last year's Bottas pole, but Leclerc was a good three tenths faster than last year's fastest Ferrari lap on Sochi.

As we are used to this year, the biggest progress has been made at McLarn, as the Woking team improved their time from last season by a whopping 2.2 seconds. In 1.3 seconds, they improved their performance at Renault, and the Red Bull team improved by seven tenths.

Improvement of track time in Sochi compared to season 2018

  1. Mclaren -2,


  2. Renault -1, 337 s
  3. Red Bull – 0,

  4. Toro Rosso -0, 433
  5. Ferrari -0, 315
  6. Williams -0, 256
  7. Haas 0, 336
  8. Racing Point 0, 545
  9. Alfa Romeo 0, 618
  10. Mercedes 0, 643

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