Same for me. I started watching F1 almost ten years before Lewis showed up, but I was a kid. Seb, Lewis, Alonso, Kubica, Button, Webber, Kimi, these(yeah, some had more success than others) are the guys that were there when I started to have much more awareness about the sport. They were the heroes and the villains of my favourite sport, and I’m now in that phase where the strong feelings I had about them are all turning into respect. And from all these names, Seb and Lewis are the ones I’m gonna miss the most. They were the defining names of this last decade and when they retire it will really feel like the sport turning a page.

I do kind of miss Alonso, though. Not the one we had in McLaren in the end, but the competitive one. I disliked him, but sport fans need a villain, I guess. And Alonso was a good one, a very polarizing driver. Fortunately for us, the new generation seems to have enough talent to replace the old guard, it’s just that we are older, so for me it’s a bit harder to have heroes or to hate guys who are younger than me. Just want to see them put a good show.

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