Ferrari came to Russia as the first favorite after a triple win, with Scuderia leaving Sochi as the biggest loser. Ferrari had the best car, a double lead in the first corner and better tires, but the team from Maranello managed to lose the race already won and still donate it to Mercedes.

Sebastian Vettel overtook Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc at the start. Both Ferrari ran the race, and it seemed that nothing could prevent Ferrari from winning a fourth consecutive victory. Then, to the surprise of many, Ferrari began to execute team commands in the second lap of the race, following a supposed pre-race arrangement to help Leclerc Vettl overtake Hamilton by storm.

Deal up or down. Playing behind the scenes games in Round 2 of the F1 race is, to put it mildly, “unsanitary”. Ferrari goes on to say The idea of ​​an undercut is to do something An early stop racer gets the benefit of new tires and can in principle drive faster times than his competitor who still rides with worn tires. If the rhythm difference is large enough, his rival will return after the stop. him and undercutt succeeded. It is, in principle, a series of two or three fast laps on fresh tires. There is always the danger of a first-time racer returning to slower racers and unable to take advantage of an earlier stop. ” href = “https://portal-f1.si/glossary/undercut/”> undercut – cut Vettla off at a boxing stop, so the circus at the start of the race was completely unnecessary and bad publicity for both Ferrari and Formula One.

While they were working with Ferarri on their own, they were waiting in the background with Mercedes, waiting for their chance at the resignation of Sebastian Vettl, who provided the virtual safety car, allowing Hamilton virtually “free” stop. The leading World Cup racer was thus “guilty of nothing, owed nothing to the race leadership, and of course Mercedes was pleased to accept the gift. After the collision of George Russell, a safety car drove onto the track and Leclerc had to make an additional stop.

How Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders

It was precisely because of his early stop that Leclerc had significantly less room to maneuver when leaving the security car. Ferrari would easily keep Monacan on the track for a few more laps, with the soft version of Sebastian Vettel continuing an additional four laps, keeping his rhythm perfectly decent. However, it was obvious that Ferrari's command desk forgot about the race and focused solely on Leclerc's The idea of ​​undercutting is to make a stop a few laps before the racer we want to overtake.A racer with an earlier stop gets the advantage of new tires and can, in principle, drive faster times than her rival, who still rides with worn tires. the difference in rhythm is big enough that his rival will come back for him after the start and the undercutt has succeeded, in principle it is a series of two or three quick laps on fresh tires, but there is always a danger that the runner who gets boxed first will return to the traffic of slower racers and cannot take advantage of an earlier stop. ” href = “https://portal-f1.si/glossary/undercut/”> undercut . A fatal mistake.

Following a great strategy in Singapore, this time Ferrari was simply exaggerating. The team from Maranell this time did not work for the benefit of the team, but focused on which of their racers would win the race. Ferrari does have the best car, but Mercedes is simply too powerful to beat while playing internal games.

Matej Plesey

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