Formula One World Champion 2009 Jenson Button is amazed at Ferrari's unusual strategy and team commands at the very start of the race after the race for the Russian GP. The Briton believes that the team from the Maranella race in Russia did not start the right way.

In the opening rounds of the race in Russia, a real radio drama was taking place at Ferrari, as Sebastian Vettel did not want to give Charles Leclerc a leading position. After the race, both runners confirmed that it was a team deal, which Leclerc and Vettel understood somewhat differently.

Ferrari's bizarre strategy was also criticized after the race by Jenson Button, who does not understand why Suderia used team orders at all.

'Ferrari's behavior was very strange. I don't understand why Sebastian should actually drop Charles in front, because he started off very well, and leverage is quite common in Russia. I don't even understand why they would have such an arrangement at all, as Sebastian wouldn't suddenly turn right and start dragging Hamilton. It's all very weird. ”

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