The blame purely rests on the shoulders of Ferrari.

Ferrari by no map would maybe maybe also soundless’ve facilitated a “deal” because it may receive unlikely expectations in incompatible conditions and would’ve developed a hostile dynamic between the 2 Ferrari drivers (and it did.)

And if Vettel did receive in entrance, no longer most fantastic would he be reluctant to give it aid (significantly after his seize in Singapore), he would moreover take unprejudiced correct thing about the truth that he’s developed a gap and use that as reasoning as to why he can’t (or gained’t) prolong “his pause” of the “deal”

And indubitably Leclerc is going to be upset as he essentially ceded P1 nonetheless moreover complains to the purpose the set aside he’s blind to the reasoning within the aid of Vettel’s incapacity to swap positions which correct escalates the relationships between himself and Vettel and the group.

Ferrari would maybe maybe also soundless’ve viewed all this coming. A successfully-known and experienced driver versus an up and coming, talented rookie? No formulation are you going so as to interrupt those two down into 1st and 2nd driver roles.

They hold to drag a Red Bull and let the 2 drivers speed. Most efficient driver wins. No bullshitting with pit stops and manipulating either drivers’ speed.

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