(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel is taciturn after the disputes from Sochi. While Charles Leclerc and team boss Mattia Binotto explained the background to the agreement after the race, Vettel wanted to discuss the matter internally. With this attitude he remains: “It is best if I say nothing,” he says in the Ferrari media round.

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc


Between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc went up high Zoom Receive

“I think Mattia gave an explanation that fits, so we leave it at that,” he dismisses, but insists that he accepts his boss's statement. “I do,” said Vettel.

Leclerc also has little desire for further explanations in his survey: “In the car, of course, I thought that there was an agreement, that's all that as as soon as I can say “, he also keeps it short.

The Monegasse had given Vettel as agreed on the launch slipstream, but the German did not want to give the Narrate back to his teammate – at least at the beginning of the race not yet. Vettel disliked his team later and got behind Leclerc through a later pit stop before he dropped out.

However, he did not necessarily keep track of how the exchange went: “I did not really know when Charles would drive into the field, “says Vettel,” because of course you drive your own race. ” He only knew that he had some lead, but in the last laps he realized that he had more and more problems with the tires.

“Of course I realized that it was time for a pit stop “, the German continues. “Of course, when I came out, I would fight behind him – and then I would have the Peril.” Because a technical defect ended the race of Vettel and the team-internal fight with Ferrari.

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