(Motorsport-Complete.com) – For McLaren, Russia's wide-opener in Sochi has paid off. The young Carlos Sainz came after the 53 race laps in the Sochi Autodrome in sixth place finish. Lando Norris finished eighth. Together, the two have scored twelve championship points and thus secured fourth place in the constructors' championship. Prosecutor Renault only took a single point and is now 29 points behind McLaren.

Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris


Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris raced in Russia on P6 and P8 Zoom Download

Coming from fifth place on the grid (Sainz) and seventh on the grid (Norris), both McLaren pilots changed their tires from soft to medium Tires already before the virtual and the subsequent real Safety Automobile section.

Norris steered the McLaren crew into the 27. Round, Sainz a lap later. The interruptions of full racing were due to the defect in the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel and due to the departure of Williams driver George Russell shortly after the 29. Round. In the last stint, Red Bull driver Alex Albon with soft tires passed Sainz and finished fifth behind his team mate Max Verstappen.

Sainz: Safety automobiles as a blessing and a curse at the same time could be. But: “On the other hand, it was more difficult to keep the Red Bull with the softer and therefore faster tires behind me.” While the McLaren pilot had to pull Albon, he kept Sergio Perez (Racing Point) by 2.8 seconds on distance.

“The Racing Point is very fast on the straights.” If Perez there It would have been very easy to lose the sixth place, “says Sainz, for whom, after three consecutive zero numbers in a row, there has now been a conciliatory result.

“It's not like one of those three zeros was my fault,” the Spaniard notes with reference to two technical defects and a twelfth place. He adds, “Since then I have not changed anything and now it was suddenly one of our best races ever again … in the end it's simply about not being driven crazy by the failures.”

Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris Norris after duels with Perez and Hülkenberg ecstatic

Sainz's team-mate Norris finished eighth behind Perez who in the eyes of Haas pilot Kevin Magnussen has not earned . Norris had the most interesting duels with Perez and Renault rider Nico Hülkenberg, who in tenth place finally clinched the one championship point for the McLaren rivals from Enstone.

“Perez was very fast started on soft tires from outside the top continues: “Then there was the virtual Safety Automobile section that messed things up a bit, and in the end we can be very happy with P8 and P6.”

To tackle Hülkenberg, the soft tire on the last stint, says the McLaren Slight one: “Once I had to defend myself at Inaugurate / goal against him then he sat with DRS times on the way to turn at some point after. “

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