Following the collision of George Russell, Robert Kubica was also called to the boxing area because the Grove team wanted to save some parts before finishing. The Poles were greatly disappointed by the decision of his team, as he wanted to finish the race himself.

Following the resignation of George Russell in 28. Robert Kubica also ended the Sochi GP race early, and Williams engineer Dave Robson revealed that the Grove team wanted to save some parts before the “intense” races at the end of the season.

Cubic was visibly disappointed after the race:

“I simply do not understand this decision. My goal was to finish all the races this season, which unfortunately will not work out for me. I don't understand why it would be succesful to do this, as I could stay on track. For me, this is the worst weekend in F1. I could say something, but I better not say anything. We are not in the best situation, and the race in Japan is around the corner. ”

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