While Theo Pourchaire greeted the podium as the new ADAC Formula 4 champion, the other US Racing CHRS drivers were also enjoying themselves in the pits. The maximum success, for the crew from Kerpen, he has become a habit. After a perfect and historic preseason in the ADAC high-speed school, the team around the former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar 2017 once again repeated and repeated the hat-trick out of driver title, crew championship and victory in the rookie classification. US Racing CHRS battled the measure of things throughout the season, underscoring its claim as a first stop for the big motorsport talents.

“We would have dreamed of united states of america, but we are now tremendous cheerful, that it worked out,” said Ralf Schumacher. “You just always try to work on it continuously and make the best out of it. You can not start the season with the assumption that things can go this way again, “added Gerhard Ungar proudly, as his drivers accepted the numerous trophies at the championship celebration.


The crew built seamlessly this year on the successful foundation of previous years. Since the debut season of the ADAC Formula 4 From the beginning an important part of the team battle Ungar, who led the team already under different constellations.

For the season 2016 found Ralf Schumacher and Ungar, who knew each other from common DTM times together. They bundled their forces and re-set the crew as US Racing. In the end, fourth place in the team standings and fifth place for newcomer Lirim Zendeli in the rookie rating, which 2019 finished fourth in the overall standings. Last year US Racing started a cooperation with the Czech crew Charouz Racing Machine and changed its name again in US Racing CHRS. With Master Zendeli in the lead followed the total triumph, which was continued this year as a Sauber Junior Crew.

The numbers speak a clear language. Seven of the , Highlight battle the home event at the Nürburgring, where the new champion Pourchaire (15, France) and rookie champion Roman Stanek ( (Czech Republic) gave the crew three victories.

“It's an overwhelming feeling to win the championship. Also for the crew – thanks to the crew for their great support throughout the year, “Pourchaire also knew exactly whom to thank.

The key to success glides in a particularly balanced driver's occupation. The quartet around Pourchaire, Stanek, Arthur Leclerc ( Outliers down were the rarity, instead all four convinced as regular point collectors. For the team classification, for which two drivers must be nominated per crew before the beginning of the weekend, the Effort battled a luxury.

“We discuss this with each other, but in principle it is quite easy to fight,” said Ungar: “We have a rookie with Roman Stanek, you have to give him some time. He did a very good job, finishing fourth in the overall standings. In the end, we have already set the routine, that is, mostly Theo Pourchaire and Arthur Leclerc. “

Apart from the ADAC Formula 4, US Racing is also represented in motorsport. In the Blueprint Regional European Championship the crew starts with David Schumacher, who won the rookie classification in the ADAC Formula 4 last year. The son of team boss Ralf Schumacher was able to clinch three victories in the Formula 3 series. In Sochi Schumacher junior also debuted for the first time in the FIA ​​Formula 3 and thus in the immediate environment of Formula 1.

The stars of the ADAC Formula 4 2017 are still open. But Hungarian gives his pilot advice. “I personally think that drivers should be carefully built. The FIA ​​Formula 3 is a very strong series, so I think that would help the drivers an intermediate step, “he said. US Racing CHRS itself is expected to be represented again next year in the German junior series. But who will follow in the footsteps of Pourchaire and Co. is not sure yet.

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