2019 Russian Gigantic Prix F1 Debrief – Mercedes-AMGF1


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Normal Poster12 parts · 1 hour previously

Answering fan questions on the Russian GP with James! Allow us to know must you rep any different queries, we’ll are trying to acknowledge them in here 🙂

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Lewis Hamilton

22 parts · 1 hour previously

I’ve been inquiring for two years: what shampoo and conditioner does Toto exercise to assist that favorable hair?

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That will have to were a stress-free one to file. The pitwall team pick a 3-4 and switch it to a 1 – 2 with a quickest lap as a cherry on high

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Sebastian Vettel

3 parts · 1 hour previously

James, what attain you mediate about Reproduction James?

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Changed into once looking ahead to this. Thanks loads.

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Normal Poster1 point · 5 minutes previously

Our pleasure!

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