(Motorsport-Total.com) – With the successful race of Sochi Alexander Albon has again made advertising on his own behalf, once the place at Crimson Bull on the side of Max Verstappen for 2019. “So far, all races have been very good,” says Crimson-Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, praising the Thailänder's performance on 'ServusTV'.

Alexander Albon, Helmut Marko


Alexander Albon convinced Helmut Marko on Sundays Zoom Score

The flip side of the medal: “In Sochi, the training was not so good,” the Austrians must continue to note. Albon had thrown the car in qualifying in the track boundary and thus put in a bad starting position, because he had to start from the back.

Marko guilty of the fact, among other things, the victory in Formula 2 Previous year. “I think he came with a lot of self-confidence, and unfortunately that went wrong,” said Marko.

But as in the previous races, Albon showed strong overtaking maneuvers in the race and finished fifth his best Formula 1 result. “He was great in the race,” says Marko. “And the once he has delivered so far is certainly a good recommendation.”

Albon battle has landed in fifth or sixth place in each of his four races for Crimson Bull. With Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kwjat he has, according to statements by Crimson Bull only two competitors for the place in the A team, where Kwjat has already been signaled that he 221698 Tickets are also in the Crimson Bull next season. “Of course it must be a solution that we 2020 have two strong riders, so that we can get involved in the constructors' championship again,” said Marko.

The decision should be made in Mexico

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