(Motorsport-Complete.com) – When Formula One was in Singapore, smog was at the top of the list of topics. A health hazard should not have been passed, even though drivers were advised not to go jogging outside during the daytime

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Dusting when braking is bad for the backers Zoom Procure

Race exposed to unhealthy air – so far, no one has objected. There is talk of the dust from the carbon brakes. “If you bite after a race, then it's always black,” says Valtteri Bottas.

The dust from their own brakes is not a divulge. “That's minimal,” adds the Finn. “It's about the cars in front of you, and it always will be.” Also teammate Lewis Hamilton is aware of the Divulge, so he thinks that otherwise clean air would be quite important for the drivers.

What effect brake dust has on the health of the drivers can only be up to now be accepted. “I do not know, once it does with the body,” Bottas shrugs. “I guess nobody has looked at it before.”


have to endure after changing the regulations More Formula 1 Movies

“There is not much, once we can do it,” adds Hamilton. “There's nothing else that we could have in the helmet, so it's the way it is, I guess.”

Respiratory filters were not an issue in Formula One so far, but there is theoretically a simple solution to fix the divulge: steel brakes. However, they have not been used in Formula 1 for a long time, because the performance advantages of carbon brakes outweigh.

For Bottas, however, they would be worth considering: “I do not have a divulge with steel brakes, as long as they are powerful enough. “

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