Clear, it goes roughly savor this:

She asks in the event that they fastened his automobile (concerning the fracture shown before all the issues of the video), he says (in english) that he tested the rear cruise and that it would not interrogate very tough. She says while laughing that or no longer it is very no longer going to enact an interview with him. She asks if all the issues is alright so he can delivery to work and he says it is (in the most unearthly methodology imaginable). She asks him to enlighten her something attention-grabbing savor what he had for breakfast and he says he ate a “Cotoletta alla Milanese” the outdated night, she asks “in Russia? you may possibly perchance well admire to aloof give us the address”, he says it became of their resort. She says “you higher dawdle to work”, he agrees and she asks “are you no longer feeling it?” (concerning the interview) and he says “ehh, or no longer it is friday” and she says “yeah, it needs to be significant” and he goes “yeah yeah I know”.

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