Round 9 of the 2019 FIA European Historical Wearing Rally Championship is the Mecsek Rallye in Hungary and this would possibly maybe well host the season finale of the season with seven of the 9 championship titles quiet yet to be made up our minds.  With entirely the ideal six of the 9 scores counting in direction of the title, at the side of an additional component to the drama that will unfold in Hungary.

Category 1: Parisi and D’Angelo Attach Title 

With two dwelling wins in the Alpi Orientali and Elba Storico for 2018 champions Antonio Parisi and Giuseppe D’Angelo (Porsche 911S) possess ample aspects to be declared 2019 FIA EHSRC Category 1 Champions. In spite of entirely having a seven-level advantage over their British rivals Ernie and Karen Graham (Ford Escort Twin Cam), because of entirely the ideal six scores count in direction of the championship, the most that the British crew can ranking is 5 aspects. In the event that they steal and steal 20 aspects, they want to tumble their lowest ranking, which is 15 aspects, so that they’ll entirely shut the gap by five, which is no longer ample.  The third positioned crew of Elias Kivitila and Timo Tuominen (BMW 2002 Ti) are on 83 aspects and need to additionally be unable to design shut the Graham’s Ford Escort.  

Category 2: Mylle Leads with Six Crews Split by Finest 7 Aspects

Carlo Mylle (Porsche 911 RSR) quiet holds the lead in the Category 2 Drivers title flee. The Belgian driver is on 78 aspects, an advantage of merely two over Paolo Pasutti (76 pts), three sooner than Maurizio Pagella (75 pts), four sooner than Rally Elba winner Anders Johnsen (74pts), five sooner than Peter Magoss (73pts) and seven sooner than Laszlo Mekler (71pts).

In the co-driver championship, Carlo Mylle’s teammate has assorted all the plot thru the season, so Paolo Pasutti’s teammate Giovanni Campeis is main on 76 aspects.  Maurizio Pagella’s co-driver Roberto Brea is on 75 aspects, Ingrid Johnsen on 74, Laszlo Ronay on 73 and Edit Mekler-Miko on 71.

With tumble scores the total leaders can quiet amplify their full by 19, rather then Pagella, who can steal the most 20 aspects, and Johnsen, who can entirely amplify his ranking by a most of 9 aspects.

The Category 2 titles will drag all of the plot in which down to the final stage in Hungary with a steal by any of the head six crews giving them the 2019 title.

Category 3: Wagner Wait on in Front but Finest Appropriate

Reigning champions Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner (Porsche 911 SC) possess taken three wins this season and head to the closing spherical with a four-level advantage on 100 aspects.  Lahti Historical Rally total winners Esa Peltonen and Jyrki Saarto (Toyota Starlet 1300) are on 96 aspects with Pentti Veikkanen and Timo Jaakkola (Porsche 911 SC) on 93.

‘Zippo’ is fourth in the motive force standings on 92 aspects after three wins this season, at the side of in Elba earlier this month.  With ‘Zippo’ additionally switching teammates, the fight for the co-driver’s championship title will likely be between Zauner, Saarto and Jaakkola in Hungary.

With entirely the ideal six scores counting in direction of the title, the most Karl Wagner can amplify his ranking is by one other 9 aspects making a filled with 109, Peltonen can entirely ranking an further 5 aspects (105),  Veikkanen an further 7 aspects (100 aspects), while Zippo can tumble a 1 level ranking and amplify his full by 19 aspects with a steal in Hungary, with a doable of 111 aspects. 

Category 4: Will Graham Leads after Acquire in Elba

After securing his 2nd Category 4 steal of the season on the Rally Storico, Will Graham (BMW M3) holds a two-level lead in the drivers’ championship after ‘Lucky’ (Lancia Delta Integrale) retired with an engine self-discipline.  With Graham on 96 aspects and ‘Lucky’ on 94, the fight for the title will likely be between these two rivals.  After retiring on SS7 in Elba Mats Mysell travels to Hungary on 70 aspects, which manner he’s no longer any longer in rivals for the title.

With dropped scores Will Graham can amplify his full by one other 8 aspects with a steal in Hungary, while ‘Lucky’ has the likelihood so as to add an additional 19 aspects.

‘Lucky’s’ teammate Fabrizia Pons is main the Co-driver championship on 94 aspects, with Graham’s teammate Michael Johnston on 82 aspects after missing the first two events of the 2019 season.  

On the other hand, it remains to be mathematically probably for the British competitor to enact forward on the pause of the Mecsek Rallye as a steal for the British crew would amplify his ranking by the most 20 aspects while Pons has doubtlessly an further 19 aspects.

Team Trophy: Three Team – Four Aspects

If the motive force and co-driver championships regarded tight, the fight for the FIA EHSRC Team Trophy is merely as intense. Rododendri Historical Rally head to Hungary with 204 aspects, merely two sooner than prolonged-time championship leaders Historical Rally Membership Finland (202).  Holding up with the 2 leaders are FlexiFly.co.uk Rally Team on 200 aspects and all three groups possess a giant opportunity to derive the Team Trophy in Hungary.

CLICK HERE for the latest championship classifications after Round 8.

Round 9 of the 2019 FIA European Historical Wearing Rally Championship is the Mecsek Rallye in Hungary on the 11/13 October.

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