Ferrari's command desk in the race in Russia was Sebastian Vettl, ordering five times to leave his position to a teammate. The expectation that the four-time world champion will withdraw and leave the victory to a newcomer to the team is mildly naive.

Sebastian Vettel harnessed the power of the leeward and launched himself into the lead after the start of the Russian GP. Already in the second round, the German received a call from his racing engineer to respect the team agreement and leave his position to Charles Leclerc. Most fascinating was the fact that Ferrari really believed that Vettel would turn off the gas and just let Leclerc win. Vettel started off great, was on the same strategy as his team-mate, and at that moment it was not clear to anyone why favorable Lecler would go down.

During the season 2013, when Sebastian Vettel was still racing for Red Bull, the German was instructed in the race in Malaysia , don't attack your teammate Mark Webbra and finish the race in second place. Of course, Vettel did not hesitate to attack, overtake Webbra and celebrate the victory that led to the infamous Multi affair 21.

Sebastian Vettel is a four-time world champion, and to expect him to gamble his reputation and turn into Leclerc's assistant is illusory and naive, especially in a situation where Ferrari isn't even close to fighting for the world title champions.

Vettel was well aware of Ferrari's intention of replacing his racers after failing to command team replacements in boxing. Immediately after Leclerc's stop, the German reported that he was having problems with tires, but Ferrari still kept him four laps on the track, just enough to get back on the track after Leclerc.

With all this, the peculiarity of Vettel was the faster Ferrari racer. The Maranell team was so convinced that no one in Russia would beat them extra, that they forgot about the competition and went into playing internal games. The punishment, of course, followed.

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