(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Apparently effortless Lewis Hamilton 2019 drives to his sixth world title. In the overall standings, the Brit already has 100 counter advantage over his nearest pursuer – via 100 Points are on all non-Mercedes competitors. But it's not as easy as it looks for Hamilton. Because he has long seen one of the strongest Formula 1 starter fields.

Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc


Lewis Hamilton is impressed with the performance of Charles Leclerc & Co. Zoom Download

” Charles (Leclerc), Valtteri (Bottas), Seb (Vettel), Max (Verstappen), Carlos (Sainz) and also some other riders perform incredibly well, “says the Mercedes driver. “I think this is one of the best years in terms of strong driver performances, which means that everyone has to go one better – including myself.”

But the Briton faces this challenge according to own statement gladly. He does not even think about the World Cup, especially since Mercedes could not win for three races before the win in Sochi – and in Russia the Virtual Security Car helped against Ferrari.

” Second, it's not easy, so I just want to try to do my best every weekend, “says Hamilton. “I want to make sure I deliver on a high stage.” Also, the next race in Japan will be “super difficult” again, as he says. “I'll try to beat those guys again, but it's not impossible, as we showed.”

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