While Mercedes is intensively looking for reasons for the superiority of Ferrari powertrains, silver arrow boss Toto Wolff is convinced System 1 has once again become a “system of engines”.

After Mercedes started off this season more than excellent, Ferrari took over the primacy after the summer break and the current team of champions found themselves in a subordinate position.

Lewis Sochi was able to qualify for the first start in Sochi, but the British failed to compromise on the rhythm of the remarkable Charles Leclerc, who won his fourth consecutive best starting position.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is surprised by Ferrari's sudden progress:

“This is certainly very unusual. Such progress under stable rules is certainly very unusual. It seems that System 1 has become the engine system again. It's a combination of different factors, but right now Ferrari is destroying us on the plains. In Sochi, eight tenths have been gained on the plains alone and nothing can be done about it. The set has not yet been determined by what they have done at Ferrari and now we need to analyze in detail if there is any particular innovation that we have overlooked. ”

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