Sebastian Vettel ended the race for the Russian GP prematurely due to a failure of the MGU-Okay unit, and in his first Formula One response, the German called for the engines to be returned once 12…

# Vettel : “Carry assisted the f *** ing V “.
After and awesome first fragment of the breeze,
# Seb5 needed to retire thanks to an inconvenience with the MGU-Okay.
It is so unfair, however the races are also these # F1 # RussianGP # essereFerrari pic.twitter.com/5NsB65 x 61 s

– essereFerrari ???? (@EFerrarialways) September

, 2019

Vettel made his statement after the race:

“I said this in effect, as I was extremely disappointed after my resignation. We were in a good position and the car was really fast. Nevertheless, I do not deviate from my point of view. I think System 1 should race with V 12 engines. Current technology is extremely complex and engineers deserve all the praise for their work, but I would return V 12 engines to F1 . ”

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