Crimson Bull Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko is convinced that Ferrari's conduct in the race in Russia was unsportsmanlike and contrary to the principles behind Formula One.

Sebastian Vettel overtook Charles Leclerc in the first corner and took over the race, and a lap was later called on by the German Ferrari to respect the team agreement and return to Leclerc the position he had gained through the leeway.

Despite repeated calls, the German refused to do so, and Ferrari replaced the places of its racers with Charles Leclerc's earlier stop.

Helmut Marko believes that the conduct of the Maranell team is unsportsmanlike and does not comply with racing principles.

“Vettel was in the front, Leclerc was complaining, and then the engineer said to him, 'Don't worry, we'll handle the matter in the boxes.' It basically means, 'We're going to manipulate the stop.' it is unsportsmanlike and contrary to the sporting spirit. The situation with Ferrari is already so difficult and I do not understand why they make it even more difficult with such games. Ferrari seems to love games like these, which don't usually end well, but it's Ferrari. “

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