(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Before the Formula 1 season 2019 had spent Renault WM – fourth place as a clear goal. However, with five races to go, you are (behind the clock) (behind) McLaren 29. On average, you would now have to catch close to seven points per race to pass the customer team. “It's a long way, but the further we move [in Richtung Saisonende], the harder it will be, of course,” says team boss Cyril Abiteboul

Nico Hülkenberg


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Get Nico Hülkenberg (*************************************************) Because while the races are less and less until the end of the season, the gap to McLaren remains more or less stable. Already after the race in Hockenheim in July budge (************************************************) points back. In the past five races, the residue has remained virtually unchanged. And now you only have five more races to make up for it completely.

“It is still mathematically possible, so we will not [den vierten Platz] It is still the ambition and the focus, “says Abiteboul combative. At the same time, however, he admits: “In fact, the reward [in den vergangenen Wochen] is quite small, considering that the car has been pretty decent since the summer break with the Toddle and the potential.”

(*********************************************************************************************) Only in Italy did the French concede (********************************************************************************) Points in one fell swoop. The remaining three races were disappointing: four points in Belgium, two in Singapore, and finally only one in Russia. With such results you will not be able to close the gap in the World Cup. “We had four qualifying sessions in the series in which we put both cars in the top (*************************************************************************), “recalls Abiteboul


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“But three of the four races were overshadowed by incidents, but I want it We have to make sure that they do not happen, “said the team boss. In Spa both drivers received a grid penalty for a change of engine, in Singapore Daniel Ricciardo was subsequently excluded from the qualifying, and last in Sochi it ran again not round .

“Daniels Abiteboul. Many aerodynamic parts were damaged and the Steadiness had been completely gone. Therefore, Ricciardo have turned off his car. “Nico lost some positions on the Originate, and then the VSC came to the worst possible 2d,” adds Abiteboul with regard to the second driver.

“We just have to earn points”

In addition, the German “have tasted. “Overall, it's another frustrating weekend without a reward, it's a pity, because our car has good potential,” abhors Abiteboul, who also knows that he can not buy anything on his own. “We just have to earn points,” he says.

Next up is Suzuka, used to be on paper “not the best” track for Renault be, so the team boss. It would take Renault probably at least once again a similar result as in Monza to close the gap to McLaren yet. And the time is not on his side with only five pending races this year.

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