(Motorsport-Total.com) – Until the summer break could Ferrari in the Formula 1 season 2020 win no race. Only after the live did the Scuderia do better, and in Belgium, Italy and Singapore they even celebrated three successes in a row . Prior to this series, SF (************************************************************************************) in many already as a faulty construction. It was rumored that Ferrari had opted for a false Aero concept .

Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel


Mattia Binotto does not believe that one (********************************************************************************) has chosen a wrong concept (*****************************************************************) Zoom


the car for (********************************************************************************************) will be. “I do not think the concept is completely bad or wrong,” he clarifies, recalling the many missed chances of the first half of the season. He explains: “I think there are other reasons why we did not perform as expected this season.”

“It's not just the concept of the car “, Binotto clarifies. For example, in the first half of the season Ferrari would most likely have won the Bahrain Grand Prix if Charles Leclerc had not had a downside with the engine. In Austria, the Monegasse was only slowed down in the closing stages of Max Verstappen, and in Canada Sebastian Vettel was very close to victory.

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(*****************************************************) In addition, there are other examples in which Ferrari especially stood in the way itself. For Binotto it is clear that the concept of the car can not be so wrong. In addition, he recalls that in the races since the summer break had been “competitive”. In recent months, they have worked hard to address the weaknesses of the SF (*******************************************************************************************)

“Since the Spanish Grand Prix, where our performance […] is very bad battle We've done a lot internally to evaluate our performance and understand where the car's weaknesses are, “reveals Binotto. Since then, the development has gone in a clear direction, and they have “continuously” brought new parts to the car.

Binotto does not mourn the missed opportunities The battle was also earlier in the season in other races of the Drop. Used to be in Singapore we have reached, the sum of everything, “he explains. Ferrari celebrated its first double victory in Singapore (**********************************************************************************************). That was not only because of the improved aerodynamics. Rather, the car has now better understood.

In the Steadiness and Role-up you have now found the right “compromise”. Three wins in the past four races speak at least a clear language. But is not it binotto that you have not found these solutions earlier? Because with regard to the World Cup, these advances are too late.

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“It does not make sense to regret anything, we have to look ahead,” he dismisses and declares that one must learn from the mistakes and make sure “that they will not be in the future happen again. ” He wants to tackle the relaxation of the season “race by race”. “It would be great, at least better than last year to cut off,” reveals the team boss.

“Because that would mean that we make progress as a team,” said Binotto , But that will not be easy. Ferrari got in the World Cup [im Qualifying] *******************************************). On average you would have in the remaining five races so (*************************************************************************************************), get 5 points to break this mark. “I know we had a bad start to the season,” explains Binotto, who still believes in it.

That's why Ferrari developed for (********************************************************************************) (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) to a large extent on the season (**********************************************************************************) . But even with Ferrari come. “I would say that we are now focusing mainly on the car for the year ahead in the factory, and if updates are coming up this season, they will not be as big as in Singapore,” explains Binotto.

But why has Ferrari ever been so long in the development of SF Finally, battle foreseeable, that the sheet in the World Cup (************************************************************************************) can not turn around anymore. “Used to be, whatever we build this season, understanding will also be a key to the coming year,” explains Binotto.

(***************************************************************************) (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

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“That's why we're still working in Understand the season well, “said the team boss. In this context, one comes back to the point that Ferrari will stick to the current concept.

Because a new concept would mean that speedily everything that once man (***************************************************************************). Instead, you want to continue on the current path and benefit from the experiences of this year. But there are still some open questions. For example, the Scuderia regularly makes a stronger impression in qualifying than in the race this year.

(*****************************************************************) According to Binotto, the race track is not downside the race, “admits Binotto, who does not necessarily see that as downside. “I would see that as an advantage [im Qualifying] as a downside in the race,” he explains, adding that there are ups and downs in all groups. “In Bahrain we had the strongest racing pace,” he recalls, for example.

In Austria, too, you had a good racing pace, and in Hockenheim you would also be in his opinion been quick if it had not rained. “So I do not think we really have a downside on the race track,” he muses, explaining, “I think if we're strong on some courses, then we're strong enough to win and that's what it's about.”

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The advantage in qualifying is probably due to the “Vitality in qualifying” and “maybe” the better understanding of the tires on a lap. At the same time he makes clear that the advantage in the engine is not so great, “as you might think.” It is rather a combination of engine and aerodynamic drag of the car. The other manufacturers are not far off in pure performance.

That was different at the beginning of the hybrid era. At that time, Mercedes had a big lead, “when they just had the best engine.” That was up to date with Ferrari but not the drop. Overall the SF (*********************************************************************************************) but now (**************************************************************************) to be. If this construction is confirmed until the beginning of the season Formula 1 is a much more open World Cup than

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