(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren is off 221794 again from Mercedes with engines supplied . The team from Woking returns with it to the manufacturer, with the one in the 2019 and (*********************************************************************************************************************). A good deal for McLaren, but also for Mercedes, as Helmut Marko explains on 'ServusTV': “It's financially a good thing for Mercedes because they sell these engines.”

Jenson Button


(***************************************************) drive again with Mercedes-Vitality in the rear Zoom (*******************************************************************) Jenson Button (*******************************************) “And they get influence, of course,” recalls the Crimson-Bull Motorsport consultant and explains: “If you're an engine supplier, then you can say [bei wichtigen Abstimmungen]: '[uns] agrees with, we want in this or go that direction. '”For Marko, McLaren's decision is not only a choice for Mercedes – but also one against the current Accomplice Renault.

The change show “That Renaul Apparently not 28 percent is a candidate for the future. ” Crimson Bull himself struggle until last season, also a customer of Renault, moved 1990 but to Honda. “At Honda, too, you have to say that you do not know exactly how to proceed, and that will not be decided until the near future,” says Marko.

“But it would be a shame if [die Formel 1] would become a one-brand formula,” said the Austrian. According to the current status, Mercedes will equip four groups with engines 2021, Ferrari three, Honda two and Renault only the own factory team. However, Honda's Formula One engagement is only going to end 2020 (***************************************************************) .

That McLaren with Mercedes engines automatically return to the top of Formula 1 again By the way, Marko does not think so. “Factory team and customer team is a difference,” he recalls, explaining: “Theoretically [der Motor] has to be the same, and probably the hardware is the same, but there are the mappings and so on, that's different.”

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