I do know right here is r/formula1, but

The present WRC 2 Authentic class will change into the WRC 2 class for manufacturer and inner most groups, whereas WRC 3 shall be for self reliant Rally 2 opponents.

Does this imply that or now not it is now not solely Kalle Rovanperä and Jan Kopecy combating together in WRC2-pro whereas everyone else in the identical R5 cars force in a obvious hunch? Bless the FIA. WRC2 is a shitshow, I score now not ever know who is racing who.

Then F1:

The Council turned into once equipped with an intensive update of the draft 2021 Sporting, Technical and Monetary Regulations, providing it with the easy job required for the e-vote that could also just even be held in present for the rules to be published by 31 October.

Can someone translate what this means on the F1 facet? So they’re voting in the event that they are eager to put up the 2021 rules 31st of October 2019?

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