5. October 2014 at the Formula 1 race in Suzuka, an enactment of the incredible sequence of events that led to the tragic death of one of the most talented F1s racers. Jules Bianchi died a year later after a fatal accident, barely 25 years old.

Towards the end of the race for the GP of Japan, the conditions on the Suzuka track were extremely challenging and the race track was on the outskirts of the Category 4 typhoon. In the S section, there was a lot of water on the track, which caused Sauber racing driver Adrian Sutil to lose control of his car and crash into barriers. The standard procedure for removal of the vehicle by tractor crane was carried out, while the wreckage was also removed by line workers.

In order to protect workers and warn other drivers of danger, double-wave yellow flags have been displayed to signify that drivers need to slow down and be ready to stop when necessary. Overtaking is strictly prohibited in such a regime.

At the time of Sutil’s excursion from the track, just before the German, Jules Bianchi came to the same place of a fatal accident. For reasons we may never know, despite the double yellow flags, Bianchi did not slow down enough and also flew off the track. When his Marussia arrived on the same piece of water that had caught Sutil a minute and a half earlier, Bianchi lost control of his car, completely losing its rear grip, and headed straight for the exact point where the removal of the Sauber car took place.

For two seconds, as Bianchi’s car left the line and collided with a crane, the Frenchman tried to prevent the accident, braking hard, but this blocked the front wheels and disabled steering.

Bianchi’s F1 car collided into the engine cover and left rear wheel of the truck. In addition, he hit the crane with his helmet, The stroke of the impact and its increasing nature, however, caused a great slowing of the head and angular acceleration, which resulted in an enact of severe injuries that caused the young French racer to die a year later at a hospital in Nice.

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