Steiner agrees for level to experiments, on one condition …


( – Proposals such as a reverse grid have recently caused great criticism among the drivers, but Haas team principal Günther Steiner would do such experiments in the season (*******************************************************************************************************) will not cure all Formula 1 problems.

Günther Steiner


Günther Steiner has basically nothing against experiments Zoom Download

“Sometimes you just have to experiment. Because how else to find out if something works or not if you do not try? “Says the South Tyrolean. “We can do simulations, but then we will not do it in the end, because there are risks, but every change involves risks, because nobody wants changes.”

Steiner's only condition in the experiments: The Formula 1 has to be honest and recognize when an idea has failed. A few years ago, Formula 1 introduced a qualifying qualifying session, which was dropped after a short while.

“I personally do not see the need, but if the FOM would like to test it. “We are part of the whole, and it's not about us, but about the sport,” said the Haas team boss. “They are the experts and promoters, it's their level to. And we have to try to help make the levels better.”

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