Frederik Vesti (Prema Powerteam), starts successfully from pole and maintains management, while David Schumacher (US Racing) loses a local overtaken by Enzo Fittipaldi (Prema Powerteam). Within the back of Jake Hughes (KIC Motorsport) and Igor Fraga (DR System by RP Motorsport).

Schumacher is thus compelled to salvage successfully and lose time to overtake Fittipaldi, who does now not beget the fastest tempo of the leading drivers, after which loses his space also on Hughes, who on the other hand must fabricate diverse attempts on the Brazilian driver who resists the attacks with resolution.

Between Vesti and Schumacher the gap is about two seconds and remains roughly unchanged all during the plod, till the Danish wins followed by the German and a truly ideal Hughes.

In plod 2 this afternoon, starting up at 17.30, the positions between Vesti and Schumacher will seemingly be reversed, with the German starting up on pole.

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