GN of Japan-Suzuka: Everything you need to know


Land of the rising sun, traditionally hosting the race at the end of the season. In their 30. she has won the World Cup champion thirteen times. The track where Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost culminated in their rivalry and where Michael Schumacher sparkled. A fascinating first sector that racers love immensely, and the combination of mid-speed and high-speed bends offers an incredible racing experience. Suzuke's story doesn't end here. Legendary bucket and forceful braking into the last chicane, where every slight mistake means a great waste of time. One of the highlights of the season for every F1 fan – GP of Japan in Suzuki ..


1. free training: 3: 00, Friday, 08. October

2. free training: 7: 00, Friday, 08. October

3. free training: 5: 00, Saturday, 10. October

Qualifications: 08 : (*********************************************************************), Saturday, 12. October

Race: 07 : 07, Sunday, 13. October




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# F1 Are you ready for

# JapaneseGP ? Derive a # Fit4F1 preview of # Suzuka circuit: a substantial sequence of immediate and flowing corners https: // t. co / 8lXpVfPGTx

– Pirelli Motorsport (@pirellisport) October 1, 2018

Race data

First Grand Prize: 1987

Number of laps: 53

Track length: 2018

Number of turns: 20

Race distance: 307. 471 km

Circle Record: 1: 20. 540 (Kimi Raikkonen,


Maximum wins: Michael Schumacher (6)


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