How about an 1 litre v4, hydrogen MGU-H&K engine coming in at around 800 BHP at 12000 rpm, reflect of an v4 bike engine with converse injection and MGU-H/K.

Now not lower than with a v4 they’ll defend the vital form of the auto the identical and consume the engine as a structural fragment.

Yet every other option, is the “reveal option”, an ethanol 4 litre v10, no turbo’s, no MGU-H/K, with converse injection working around 16000/17000 RPMs. Must also approach in around 7/800 bhp. Carbon goal, low-fee to bustle (a residing of, bearings, pistons and pistons rings are now not that expensive, the overhaul of an frail v10 comes in at around $150k per overhaul/trail), very lightweight, but refuelling is significant appropriate adore in indy. Because ethanol has easiest 50% of the energy of racing gasoline.

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