(Motorsport-Total.com) – Who is better: Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher? On paper, “Schumi” continues to be the most successful Formula 1 driver ever, with seven championship titles, but Hamilton is getting closer and closer. For ex-champion Jacques Villeneuve, however, the comparison question does not arise.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton won four of his five World Championship titles with Mercedes

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“These two riders have only won when they had the best car, “he told 'Motorsport-Total.com'. “They've always had the best car in their entire career, and if you put Lewis in a Williams, you do not win,” he says, explaining, “He's huge intestine and always makes the right decision as to which team to go to. “

” There he builds a team around him, that's all, he might not have won in a Ferrari, “he muses. In any case, Villeneuve finds the comparison between drivers from different Formula 1 eras generally absurd. For example, Gerhard Berger said this year that Hamilton was the first rider to be on par with Ayrton Senna .

Letters That Can Break Lewis Hamilton


“This is the stupidest comment”, waves Villeneuve. “You could also say he's the first one on [Juan Manuel] Fangio's level, how do you compare that, warfare is a whole different time, who knows?” He shrugs and adds, “And with Senna, too won in the best car. [Alain] Cheers too, that's just how it works. “

Villeneuve won

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