Despite his long delay, Robert Kubica is pleased that he has finally got a customized steering wheel that allows the Pole to ride the F1 car more easily.

Robert Kubica first tested a new steering wheel specification before Monza's racing weekend, which allows the Pole to control almost all components of the race car with his left hand.

Williams has made it easier for the Pole to drive the F1 car with another specification of the steering wheel, which has the vast majority of buttons mounted on the left, and Cubica can consequently control the main components of his racing car with his left hand. At the same time, a new version of the steering wheel has a special rubber band on the right, which gives the damaged right hand a better grip.

Despite the delay, the Polish racer is pleased with the new acquisition:

It certainly helps. It would be factual to be the steering wheel to start this season, but it has all been a bit delayed. Better late than never.

One of Williams' chief engineers, Dave Robson, explained that the delay was due to the trade-offs the British team had to make due to the bad season.

“When a car is so slow, it can be difficult to justify updates that fit only one racer. This is unfortunately a challenge we have to face. As we weighed in between the new steering wheel or the new front wing, the choice was obvious. “

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