After a five-month hiatus, Ferrari will be back in the race in Japan with the captions of its main sponsor, the tobacco concern Philip Morris.

Ferrari is advertising a campaign called Mission Winnow this season, part of Philip Morris's move into a non-tobacco future, although many believe it is a covert tobacco advertising.

The presence of the Misson Winnow label has caused quite a bit of controversy this year, and Ferrari has voluntarily withdrawn the controversial labels, following an investigation by the Australian Government at the first race of the season.

Scuderia also removed logos from a race in Canada due to strict anti-trust laws, and because of increasing external control of campaigns such as “Misson Winnow” Philip Morris removed logos for a longer period than originally envisioned – and potentially for the rest of the year.

Both Ferrari and Ducati, who use Mission Winnow's Moto GP signage, are currently rejecting the possibility that the brand will no longer return to their race cars, explaining to Philip Morris. that they will decide on the use of the disputed signs before each race.

Ferrari and Phillip Morris have made the decision to return Mission Winnow logos to the Ferrari car.

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