Collaboration with motorcycling’s governing body on security initiatives for circuits and opponents

The FIA is collaborating with the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme

(FIM) on rather about a most up-to-date and future security initiatives.

The two governing bodies no longer too prolonged previously teamed up to make a brand unique paint long-established for consume on circuits, alongside with note limits, kerbing and asphalt pace-off areas.

The unique long-established defines rather about a performance requirements for the paint, alongside with friction properties and visibility beneath rather about a conditions. The final end result will seemingly be certain that the paint light on circuits across the area performs repeatedly in every moist and dry conditions, decreasing the doubtless for accidents due to this of a surprising loss of grip.

Right here is the first of rather about a collaboration initiatives planned between the FIA and FIM, with the aim to work together on rather about a look at initiatives connected to circuits and competitor security devices.

FIA President Jean Todt mentioned: “It affords me tall pleasure to welcome this collaboration with the FIM on rather about a security initiatives. By uniting our two governing bodies on security, it system we’re going to arrangement requirements for all varieties of motor sport worldwide.”  

FIM President Jorge Viegas mentioned: “The FIM and FIA part circuits across the area. A collaborative plot to security requirements will no longer finest simplify the project for the industry nonetheless can even be certain that the preferrred stage of security for opponents worldwide.”

Click right here to safe the FIA Customary on Paints for Motor Racing Circuits

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