(Motorsport-Entire.com) – The Qualifyingduell at Williams speaks a clear language: To date 42 Race in Formula 1 season (******************************************): 0 against Robert Kubica. On average, the distance was about six tenths of a second. But Russell can understand intestine, which is why Formula 1 returnee Kubica is doing so hard.

George Russell, Robert Kubica


George Russell in front of Robert Kubica: The qualifying duel is a clear thing Zoom

Salvage (*********************************************)

The Formula One is in modern motor sports a “very unique” situation, says Russell. “It's very difficult to build a tire understanding.” Only those who have been introduced and sensitized to the topic in the junior classes have a chance to shine at the Sizable Prix level.

“That's probably my biggest advantage over Robert “Russell says, referring to his years in GP3 ((********************************************)) and Formula 2 (

*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** “In addition, I have denied test drives for Mercedes and spent time in the crew to understand these – honestly – fucking tires.” Kubica does not have these direct empirical values.

If everything fits Kubica, then …

But there are other factors that make the difference in his favor, Russell explains. Because he knows how to take something back in the race car. “Every driver always wants to give one hundred percent, but you're often faster if you only give 95% because it's pretty unpredictable for us [Williams-Fahrer], so the car is so difficult to drive. “


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Kubica, on the other hand, gives the impression that he is constantly on the limit. Or in the words of Russell: “Robert is one who always gives one hundred percent.” For this, however, he needed a vehicle that gave him a corresponding driving experience. The Williams FW did not be. “But if the car is to drive intestine, then he prepares me for every Drop headache.”

In fact, Kubica Russell has something ahead: At the Germany Sizable Prix in Hockenheim scored the pole This is Williams 'only championship point this year and is thus in the drivers' ranking ahead of Russell.

Neither the table situation nor the athletic hopelessness would weigh on the relationship between the two teammates, emphasizes Russell. He is a really nice guy and funny on top of that, I'll miss that, sure. “

Kubica leaves Williams at the end of the year after just one season.

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