Motor racing: W Sequence might perhaps link up with F1 in North The usa subsequent year


Motor racing: W Series could link up with F1 in North America next year

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Kamui Kobayashi

20 facets · 2 hours previously · edited 1 hour previously

I’d be reasonably extra fascinated about treating FIA F3 reasonably extra equally.

It did not accumulate sufficient coverage this year when both F2 and F3 ought to be being treated like Moto GP treats Moto2 and Moto3.

Moreover for races outside of Europe the local F3 Regional sequence ought to be getting the precedence. To maintain a European basically basically based mostly sequence reasonably than F3 The usa support the USGP might perhaps be frankly ludicrous.

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In Finland they make not even demonstrate F2/3 quali despite Canal Digital is annoyingly costly for pupil

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It is not a both or self-discipline. F4 US will probably live a support sequence for COTA. Moreover, these support races are dependent on the stride promoter and not F1 themselves.

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The extra coverage it will get the greater!

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I look this changing correct into a cash pit. As correctly as an inadvertent slap in the face, “you’re not upright sufficient to stride with the males, so we’ll provide you along with your league”.

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They accumulate paid to stride there…I dont know what you indicate by cash pit? And no this wont occur if a ladies folk emerges to be upright sufficient to compete in trusty f3

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They’re not restricted from racing in other leagues. Some of them maintain stale the exchange to build up a dawdle in other Championships.

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