(Motorsport-Full.com) – Every Formula One fan knows Bernd Mayländer. Even though the German does not belong to the regular drivers, he is nevertheless active in Grands Prix at irregular intervals – as the official driver of the security car. In this function, the former DTM driver Mayländer now introduces his service car and gives in the video an interesting insight into the work in the safety vehicle of Formula 1.

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen


Bernd Mayländer in the Formula 1 security car at the Singapore Huge Prix (*************************************************************) Zoom Earn

Mayländer clarifies about the question of why the security car over has several antennas. He shows the various displays inside the vehicle and demonstrates how he can activate and control the lights on the roof of the car.

It becomes particularly exciting when looking under the hood. Specifically, when looking under the trunk cover, because under it hides the complex technology of the vehicle with data recorder, wifi router (yes, indeed!), Telemetry and communication.

(*****************************************************************) Explained: The Security Automobile Formula 1

Bernd Mayländer explains the current Security cars of Formula 1! Movies

Further demonstrates Mayländer some more special features of his security car, including the rearview camera (instead of rearview mirror) and the operation of the radio to the race control.

The security automobile is since 1996 exclusively from Mercedes and is this season a modified model AMG GT R.

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