Crimson Bull Chief Consultant Dr Helmut Marko is confident that Honda will produce a powertrain in the next F1 season that will be fully competitive with Mercedes and Ferrari.

After Honda has made significant strides this year and comes with the first wins since the Japanese manufacturer returned to F1 this year 2015, Marko is confident that Honda will be back in the season 2020 came in much better prepared.

In an exclusive interview with Motorsport.com, Marko spoke about Crimson Bull-Honda's goals for the F1 season 2020.

We know we will have an even better chassis in years 2020 and I believe Honda's strength will be entirely at Mercedes and Ferrari levels next year. Honda is doing a great job and this year they have really taken a big step forward, especially in the area of ​​reliability. I am sure we are heading in the right direction and I believe we will not be third in the 2020 season.

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