(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren and Mercedes have been a dream couple in Formula One and off the season in the past 2021 the traditional racing team will again be traveling with the engines of the German manufacturer in the premier class. However, Mercedes sees the danger that McLaren could challenge their own factory team at the head of Formula One.

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Will McLaren join Mercedes can connect to old times again? Zoom Rating

That is a risk, says Toto Wolff, who has the lead in the current best team in the premier class. He says, “From the year The team boss believes, however, that Mercedes can learn even more, if another customer joins in addition to Racing Level and Williams.

However, Wolff sees McLaren as a real competitor, who with the new Discipline cloth at the “Changed into once Zak Brown and Andreas Seidl are looking very promising, but the benefits to us are more than the disadvantage of getting another strong competitor with McLaren.”


Mercedes and McLaren have (************************************) celebrated many successes together. While the factory team came up with 10 victories, it was McLaren 18 first places. McLaren was even on the podium three times with (**********************************************************************************. At the time, however, Mercedes was in the lead in the pole positions and world championship titles. All in all, Mercedes earned around (************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

Carlos Sainz


McLaren will be back with Mercedes-Benz from the season Engines start Zoom Rating

Since the breakup between McLaren and Mercedes, the traditional barn has been downhill. Neither Honda nor Renault, the team can win a victory. Not even a podium jumped out with the new partners in the many years in Formula 1. McLaren collected meager in this time Maybe this will change again and that's what Wolff sees the Negate in: “There are many advantages, but also a risk: If McLaren does a good job, the team will challenge us and be a bar for us. But we are for this step. “

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