Williams Honda… Turbo 1987. I feel it used to be the closing year for that turbo period.

I can not get a reference for this, so I am in fact no longer particular, however I feel Piquet’s scamper file with that FW-11 held for barely a whereas. Used to be one thing fancy 362 KM/h in Germany or one thing. Again, no reference, appropriate my (maybe flawed) memory.

Moreover, wow, he appears to be like to be like dull in the image. Provoking. I first thought it used to be a photoshop factor, fancy photoshopping a sound asleep Mansell in the car.

(EDIT: irregular formatting)

EDIT 2: Neatly appears to be like that my memory is scandalous. Due to I learned this: “The novel (1999) file for F1 is 361.8 km/h = 100.5 m/s by David Coulthard at Monza” . Used to be written in 1999. So yeah, I used to be wrong about the rate. Serene moderately particular that Piquet’s file scamper from 1987 held for a whereas, however I do no longer know the rate.

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