(Motorsport-Total.com) – In Suzuka Renault wants to grab points to catch up in the constructors' championship on McLaren. The French want to increase their chances with an aerodynamic make stronger. The new front wing is ready to be used for the first time on the demanding course in Suzuka, Japan. Nico Hulkenberg hopes to make up points on McLaren.

Nico Hülkenberg

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In Monza, where Daniel Ricciardo and Hulkenberg finished fourth and fifth, the French shortened the gap to McLaren. However, then followed two disappointing races in Singapore and Russia, which is why Renault is under pressure in Japan.

To have a chance in the fight for the title of “the best of the rest”, the development department of the Factory teams took two new parts to Suzuka: the new front wing and a wing on the chassis. The subtle changes to provide more downforce and grip, reveals Chief Technology Reduce Chester.

However, downforce in Suzuka is not the key factor to succeed. There are long straights where top speed will be crucial. According to Chester, the right choice of rear wing has to be made here and the right compromise between downforce and speed has to be made to burn fast lap times in the asphalt.

The new aerodynamics on the front of the Renault racer could Ricciardo and Hülkenberg help in the first sector, where there are some very fast left-right passages. In addition, the increased downforce could be helpful to bring the harder Pirelli tires on temperature. Therefore, the new updates could be crucial for the success of the French in Japan.

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Hülkenberg hopes to be able to make up for the weak races in Singapore and Russia: “We have lost many points there, which is frustrating, because we had a strong race and qualifying pace, we're still in fourth place, but we look from race to race to get the most out of the weekend, and expect a lot of points in Japan. “

Also Ricciardo mourns the points from the past two races afterwards. He speaks of Renault “not deserving” of these weak results. “We are now all focusing on Japan to do a good job there,” he says. “We have to make it to fourth place in the race, we know it will be difficult, but we will not give up.”

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