wants to win the vice title in Hungary – Photo: Schindler 30

Drexler-Automobile Formula Cup

09. 10. 2019

(***********************************************************************************************************************) .- 13. 10. 2019). The finale will be held for the first time in the Hungarian state championship. At the Masaryk Racing Days at the beginning of September in Brno, Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) secured the title in Formula 3. The Swiss also prematurely won the SWISS Formula 3 Cup. Dr. Ralph Pütz became champion in the RAVENOL Formula Cup.

On the 4, 1986 km long Hungaroring is also the Italian TOPJET F (***************************************************************************************************) Trophy with Formula 3. The Located among the pilots is considered a demanding course, which offers few opportunities for overtaking maneuvers. For the first time, three races will be held on the final weekend. This constellation hides the highest tension. Andrea Cola is currently available (*******************************************************************************************) Counters in second place, followed by Antoine Bottiroli (GFORCE Racing), with 94 points just behind it. With Tom Beckhäuser (Franz Wöss Racing) and Marcel Tobler (Jo Zeller Racing) two pilots are in wait, which theoretically also can drive on the overall podium.


Relatively relaxed, the already established champion Sandro Zeller can look at the action. Who knows Zeller knows that he wants to improve his balance sheet in Hungary still. Between Cola and Bottiroli the duel for the runner-up could remain open until the 3rd race on the Hungaroring. Bottiroli was last in Brno twice before Cola assert. Nico Gruber (Team Hoffmann Racing) is a big favorite in the Formula Renault and tears with a points cushion to Hungary. At the Masarykring he celebrated his fourth double victory in the season. His team-mate Dr.Norbert Groer is currently in second place ahead of Matej Kacovsky (Team HKC Racing). Groer should be able to secure his second place in the table in Hungary. Robert Helfer (F-Racing 164) Driving home points into the points and is in third place in the overall standings. Florian Münger (Jo Zeller Racing) can claim the title in the Formula 3 Trophy classification. From a purely mathematical point of view, the Swiss Luca Iannaccone (Franz Wöss Racing) and Dr. Ralph Pütz can still be dangerous.

While the two sub-ratings were decided prematurely in the Drexler-Automobile Formula Cup, at least in the SWISS Formula 3 Cup for the Swiss participants, the rounds are once again round. Antoine Bottiroli is heading for the vice title, while Marcel Tobler (Jo Zeller Racing) still wants to go third. The SWISS Formula 3 Cup is supported by the company HORAG. (********************************************************************************************************************)

On Friday (11. (******************************************************************************************************************************). . 27 Watch the 1st Qualifying. The first run on Saturday ((************************************************************************************************************). 10.) around 10. 50 Watch over the stage. In the afternoon against (******************************************************************************************************). On Sunday (13. (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) . 50 the 2nd run on the program. Versus 15 (. then

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