(Motorsport-Total.com) – Motorsport legend Sir Jackie Stewart has bustled the Dementia organization after his illness year-old Mrs. Helen founded dementia. This charity has now invested around 1.7 million euros in research into the degenerative disease. The money will be used to help break down the treatment of dementia. ***


Stewart supports researchers in dementia Research Zoom Download

Become a researcher supported with the financial means to accelerate the research in this area. The program also includes finding talented scientists with innovative ideas to promote them in their work. With Dr. Cara Croft, dr. Christy Hung and dr. Claire Durrant has added three new researchers to the crew.

Stewart, who spent many decades actively fighting in Formula One, says 'The Scotsman' 5019458 ': “When my wife Helen was diagnosed with dementia, I knew that our lives would not be the same, fortunately I am able to give Helen the best treatment possible It also helps the family in this difficult time. “

According to Stewart, other patients who also suffer from the degenerative disease are not fortunate enough to have their wife. Therefore, he decided to support the research in this area: “We need new ways to treat dementia and develop preventative measures quickly, and that's only possible with the right research.”

Jackie Stewart

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