I adore these tables! I will and not using a doubt search the recommendation of them in about a years time after I want to catch a season to rewatch. I’m particular 2015 had about a colossal races (drawing a clean right here), nevertheless I consistently liked intelligent championships bigger than individual intelligent races (unnecessary to dispute most efficient is when every coincide), so 2011 and 2015 will by no potential be on my listing.

2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 moreover clearly present that you qualified want to beat Hamilton in the final third of the season, regardless of how a ways ahead you were sooner than. In 2014, Nico used to be ahead by 29 facets facets after Spa, ultimate to hotfoot Lewis, who acquired 6 of the closing 7 races, by 67 facets in the dwell (96 level swing!). In 2016, Nico used to be the final one to indubitably face as much as Lewis’ stress in the closing races, nevertheless ultimate barely (Lewis acquired the closing 4 races). 2017 used to be not Hamilton’s most efficient dwell to a season, nevertheless in 2018, Lewis acquired 6 out of the closing 8 races. Is it that Lewis likes these slack-season tracks? Or is he better at delivering when the stress will get real?

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