The Generous Typhoon, traveling to Japan, could already reach the mainland on Saturday and bring with it heavy rain, gusts of wind, high waves and storms an area not yet fully recovered from a previous devastating typhoon, experts point out.

  • Experts warn that Hagibis could be stronger than the typhoon of the year 1958 in which one died. 269 people
  • Last month, Typhoon Faxai killed three people and nearly one million were left without electricity
  • Experts warn that as many as 5 million people may need to be evacuated

Parts of Japan are still recovering from the devastating typhoon that hit the land of the rising one month ago , while the new trim storm Hagibis is already approaching the Japanese islands.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued warnings along the entire southern coast of Japan, with many residents preparing for extreme rainfall and strong winds.

Hagibis will hit twice with the typo of Faxai, which hit Japan just over a month ago, causing the death of three people, 130 were damaged. Airlines have already canceled all flights, rail will be closed and residents have literally emptied all stores.

Pre-race qualifiers for the Japanese GP in Suzuki, scheduled for Saturday, are postponed to Sunday morning and will be held immediately before the race.

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